Registering students onto a course in PEARL is easy. The enrolment process includes a comprehensive information, advice and guidance section which explores student aspirations and capability. PEARL uses smart algorithms, so learners only have to provide information once and data is stored in one, safe place.

PEARL Learner Loan Administration System

PEARL simplifies the process of tracking loans for learners. Our proprietary software automates financial admin giving you more time to focus on learner progression. PEARL enables the secure collection of payment for loans of different kinds, from full payment, to instalments and Advanced Learner Loans, allowing private funding of courses and Government backed funded courses, so learners can choose how they fund their education.

The LAS is an automated end-to-end Management Information System (MI) for the administration of Advanced Learner Loans (to include 19+ and 24+ Loans). It can integrate with an organisation's existing Management Information System or entirely replace it for the administration of Advanced Learner Loans. learn more

  • Quickly identify missing information.
  • Update Student Finance England with multiple records in minutes.
  • Receive updates on loan status changes.
  • Quickly update learner attendance records.
  • One person can administer 1000s of learners in minutes with automated updating of the SLC site.
  • Reduce human error.
  • Intuitive use of XML and CSV import enable quick updating of the SLC site.
  • Automated ILR creation for all learners.
  • SFA audit reporting and functionality.
  • Reduce risk of SFA clawback for non-active learners.
  • Claim only for those in learning.
  • Learners contact time and other information updates daily and easily to the SLC.


PEARL includes a comprehensive suite of screening tools for learner on-boarding and initial assessment. Short "taster courses" are available, to keep learners interested, while you find them work placements.

PEARL Initial Assessment

PEARL features initial assessment tools so that you can understand learner needs more effectively. Including unique assessment of social skills, communication and resilience, going beyond typical initial assessments, to ensure that you really understand learner needs.

  • Personality questionnaire
  • Record learner's ambitions
  • Early identification of specialist support needs
  • Learner Ambitions Learner Profiling and questionnaires
  • Numeracy and Literacy test.

PEARL Diagnostic Testing

PEARL uses a combination of assessment tools to determine the learner's level of competency and then flexes content to deliver it at a level best suited to that individual.

  • English assessment
  • Maths assessment
  • Personality test
  • Can be adapted to cover other tests or profiling methodologies.


PEARL provides connectivity. Not just with learners but with employers too. Learners can message peers and tutors with ease. Increased communication makes for happy clients. Employers can contact learners, as part of their recruitment activity.

PEARL Showcase

PEARL provides connectivity. Not just with learners but with employers too. Learners can message peers and tutors with ease. Increased communication makes for happier clients. Learners can update and share their status, with other users of PEARL, and choose to share their profile with prospective employers. Employers can also contact learners as part of their recruitment activity.

  • Short courses provide "taster courses" for specific careers
  • Keep learners engaged during the search for a work placement
  • Establish if learners are really "into" their subject before enrolling on a longer course.