Learning Delivery

Media rich content includes text, video, quizzes and interactive games. PEARL offers learners increased choice as to how their learning materials are delivered. The option of social learning enables students to add footnotes and comments thereby enriching learning materials, which can be shared with peers and tutors.

PEARL Course Content Builder

PEARL includes a comprehensive course-building module. Upload source materials and create media rich content including games, quizzes and formative learning points. No programming or tech knowledge required. PEARL is easy to use and understand.

  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Create Media rich content
  • Increased choice for learners
  • Optional social learning
  • Maps all units back to learning aims and assessment criteria.

PEARL E Portfolio

PEARL is more than just a learning management system. It includes a comprehensive ePorfolio. All learning materials and student submissions are kept in one safe place. Upload and download documents and evidence at the click of a button.

  • No need for additional digital portfolios
  • No emailing of documents
  • Reduce paperwork
  • Easy cross referencing and mapping of unit accreditation
  • Remote assessment Methodologies (RAMs®)- collect secure video evidence from learners any place, any time.

PEARL Reporting & Auditing

PEARL makes everyone's life easier. Offering easy to navigate dashboards, learner progression and reporting can be interrogated and shared with a minimum of fuss.

  • Quickly generate learner progress report
  • Captures all learner interaction - mapped to specific qualification units
  • Simplified sampling access for EV and IQAs
  • Promote transparency throughout your organisation
  • Helps keep your finger on the pulse of your organisation


Assessment of learner submissions has never been easier. Assessors and moderators can access student submissions without needing cumbersome paper-based portfolios.

PEARL Assessor

Created with the aim of reducing administrative burden for assessors and increasing communication with learners. PEARL frees up valuable assessor time enabling them to focus on supporting student progress.

  • Reduces time taken to give learners feedback
  • Accessible from any internet connected computer or device
  • No more cross- referencing, all learning aims are mapped to learner submissions
  • Assessors can quickly focus on areas where learners need additional support


PEARL provides easy access to all learner submissions and tutor feedback, enabling quick sampling and quality assurance. IQAs and external verifiers can dip in and out of evidence quickly and efficiently.

  • Increases IQA productivity.
  • Allows swift access to evidence by EVs and auditors.
  • Increased transparency of standards and quality provision.
  • Helps keep you OFSTED prepared at all times.


PEARL enables easy access to learner evidence and tutors feedback easy for EVs and awarding bodies. Reduce the time spent digging out information and instead focus on areas most requiring attention.

  • Simplified sampling of learner evidence
  • Less disruption when EVs visit.
  • Complete transparency means that bad practice has no place to hide.