Training Providers

Do you run government contracts for the DWP, NOMS, SFA or similar?
Are you a FE College or Independent Learning Provider (ILP)?
Do you work with employers managing apprenticeships, workforce development and recruitment of new talent?

If you answered yes to any of the above then PEARL is the solution for you.

PEARL makes your life easier by increasing engagement with learners and employers while reducing administrative burden, thereby saving you money. It's an end-to-end learner management system, from initial contact to: learner registration, student loan management, initial and ongoing assessment and reporting, course building tools, e-Learning, digital portfolio, a library of training courses and an innovative talent management tool which can be used for recruitment and selection of learners.

PEARL delivers Training Providers with all of these features and more:

Course creation engine makes building a new course easy.

Create quizzes & tests you can drop in your text and the course builder does the rest.

Map content to learning aims and make Assessment Criteria clear to learners and assessors.

Comprehensive digital portfolios Learner activity and work is gathered and reported.

Easy sampling for external verifiers PEARL is perfect for Internal and external Assessors.

Intuitive dashboards to monitor learner progression so tutors can save time and prioritise work.

  • Innovative online virtual learning platform.
  • Learner tracking and progress reporting.
  • Build new courses, add existing ones and/or use an on-line course library.
  • Digital e-portfolio system.
  • Enables remote assessment of learners.
  • Easy assessor management tools to assign work and monitor quality.
  • Increased learner engagement.
  • Tool to involve and engage employers seeking new talent; saving them time and money while reducing their risk of hiring the "wrong talent".
  • CPD tracking for existing workforce: use for workforce compliance with mandatory training.
  • Management of Government funding for Advanced Learner Loans.
  • Automation of cross referencing learning resources and assignments with awarding body qualification standards.
  • Pearl is flexible and intuitive, it can easily integrate with your organisation's reporting requirements so you can offer cost-effective online learning.

  • Efficient monitoring of learner progression.
  • Engage with and motivate learners.
  • Reduce delivery costs on training by placing content online allowing tutors to focus on learner requiring specialist support.
  • Manage learner programmes such as traineeships, apprenticeships and work programme skills delivery.
  • Perfect for skills delivery and tracking of compliance for industries where training is mandatory.
  • Increased connectivity with employers, give them access to PEARL and let them monitor their workforce development.

PEARL is the perfect solution for reducing the administrative burden of running government framework projects including skills and employability programmes. Example projects include:

  • Apprenticeships delivery
  • DWP: Work programme providers: track learners from initial engagement through to work placement.
  • CWP: use for matching of candidates to employer placements while keeping tabs on candidate progression.
  • OLASS provision: The ideal platform for delivery of through the gate employability and skills programmes for ex-offenders.
  • Schools employability & enterprise programmes.
  • Traineeships and vocational learning.
  • CPD monitoring and workforce development tracking

PEARL includes an MIS system that is fully integrated with PEARL so that all tasks associated with administering an ALL loan can be completed within the ALL Administration System, and then once a day the relevant XML and CSV files can be uploaded and downloaded from the system and the SLC to carry out all the administrative work without anyone having to administer learners individually.

This means that with PEARL you can:

  • Create applications for learners and automatically send out Qualification Funding letters.
  • Update all learner statuses in seconds and keep track of them.
  • Put learners onto programme and through IAG as soon as their approval state is positive from the SLC.
  • Change and amend start and end dates.
  • Process cancellations and withdrawals.
  • Confirm attendance for learners in minutes as all evidence of learning is fed back into the ALL Administration System from PEARL (if the learner is not studying within PEARL attendance can be manually confirmed).
  • Database synchronisation to ensue SLC and ALL Administration System are always in sync.
  • Monitor learners at risk of not achieving or who are marked in attendance by the SLC, but are not actually in learning.
  • Built in sub- contractor management system which allows the prime to view all learner information for the sub-contractor and automatically update the sub-contractor of the statuses of their learners without ever having to do anything (as their learner statuses are updated when the prime system is update). This means there are no delays and no administrative communication needed.

One unique feature of PEARL is that learners can drag and drop free additional lessons which are then embedded as "teach points" throughout their primary course.

Customised Learner Profiles:

PEARL embraces best practice from the world of social media. Learners can create:

  • A professional profile visible to prospective employers
  • A personal profile visible to other students and tutors

Customisable Learning Materials:

Learners have choice how they access their learning:

  1. "Classic" content delivery: learning is delivered via rich media including text, images, quizzes, interactive games, video, and audio accessible via smartphone, tablet or computer.
  2. Socially Interactive Content: Learners can choose to view learning content annotated and added to by peers. Learners can highlight "teach points" of interest, add hyperlinks, comments, additional resources or footnotes to learning materials. These notes are then viewable by other learners on the same course - thereby ensuring that content is enriched in a collaborative manner.

PEARL's proprietary algorithms enable learners to sign and take an image of themselves using their laptop or smart phone. This can be cross-referenced with a passport or driving licence image as proof of identity and attendance.

PEARL includes an Initial Assessment Diagnostic Tool. This allows Training providers to build a picture of learners and their individual learning capabilities. PEARL builds a Personalised Responsive Learning programme of study that is tailored to the learner's specific needs. The system challenges ("optimal challenge") the learner in a meaningful way to ensure that they gain the most from their studies.

A key aim of PEARL is to develop learners in areas beyond academic skills. This means helping them improve their functional skills and wider interpersonal or "soft" skills.

As part of their Initial Assessment learners will be asked a series of questions covering areas such as:

  • Maths
  • English
  • Digital Life Skills
  • Confidence
  • Resilience
  • Psychometric Test

Once the learner has finished the Initial Assessment PEARL is automatically able to:

  • Build a Personalised Responsive Learning Programme.
  • Develop an Individual Learning Plan that sets achievable targets, submission dates and milestones for their coursework.
  • Create a progression plan so that they can enhance their learning in a holistic way and beyond the scope of their primary learning aim (progression).

PEARL includes a variety of achievement awards which are displayed on the learner's personal dashboard and which are visible to other learners and prospective employers. These serve to motivate the learner and can be used for incentive schemes such as accessing Lifetime Learning Credits which are redeemable against other courses on PEARL.

Motivational awards include:

  • Study Run Badges: Learners are rewarded for consecutive days that they access learning.
  • Early Bird & Night Owl Badges: Recognising learners who study early or choose to study late.
  • Total Timely Submission Badges: Recognising learners who submit assessments in a timely fashion.
  • Total Learning Time Badges: Learners are given badges for Total Learning Time.

Open Badges are displayed on the learner's profile. All learners who complete a qualification on PEARL will be issued with a physical certificate and an Open Badge which will reinforce the accreditation of their learning and digital skills. When the open badge is issued to the learner it will contain a unique "key". The learner is then able to share the badge with anyone they choose (employers, other FE colleges etc.) who will be able to enter in the unique key into a website to verify the qualification.

Once the unique key is entered into the site the following metadata will be displayed:

  • Name of learner
  • Qualification Title
  • Qualification Number
  • Date of submission
  • Units completed
  • Date of unit completion
  • With the learner's permission, PEARL can display the evidence submitted to achieve the qualification and the feedback from their assessor
  • Name of College or training provider studied at
  • Name of Awarding Body

Due to the fact that the learner's entire learning journey (both in terms of evidence submitted and total learning time) is being stored and recorded within PEARL, it is easy to make this valuable data available to stakeholders nominated by the learner. This means that employers etc. are able to assess a learner's capabilities on more than just a certificate, but could potentially "drill" down to the type of evidence the learner produced to achieve the qualification or even the range of exercises and activities they completed and how long they spent on each in order to achieve the qualification.

Unlike other e-portfolio systems PEARL does not solely entrust the monitoring of learner progress to the assessor.

PEARL's admin function allows admin staff to "globally" overview ALL learners on PEARL to ensure progression. Performance is presented graphically for easy monitoring of "at risk" learners who can be provided additional support.

PEARL provides signals for designated staff to contact learners if there is a risk of them falling behind on their Individual Learning Plan (ILP). This offers a double layer of protection for learners whereby their "risk" status throughout their programme of study can be monitored and managed by their assessor and a designated learner journey manager.

With traditional e-portfolio systems an "at risk" learner is a learner who is has already missed a submission date. PEARL believes an "at risk" learner is any learner who is not showing progression in any/all of the following areas:

  • Maths
  • English
  • Confidence
  • Digital Life Skills
  • Resilience
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Workplace readiness

Since the above units are woven into the fabric of the learner's primary learning aim they do not impede their progress and serve as useful facilitators of primary learning aim achievement.

PEARL embraces best practice from the world of pedagogy and online learning to ensure learner progression. PEARL measures multiple facets of the learners' development allowing effective monitoring of "at risk" learners who can be supported according to their needs. PEARL provides increased capacity to monitor progression, speeds the review of learner submissions and builds critical skills in the learner thus enhancing their employability or worth to employers.

This transparency drives accountability while making assessors and admin staff more effective in diverting resources to where they are most required. PEARL creates powerful reports allowing commissioning bodies and funders to get a real picture of learner progression and to identify areas requiring improvement.

All learning time is recorded in detail by PEARL providing an evidence trail of contact time and guided learning hours. Tutors are also able to view learners' progress in real time, can login and see which pages/skills a learner is working on and the total learning time spent on that section.

PEARL automatically generates reports for learners, which look a bit like "school reports". These reports give learners a periodic overview of how they are progressing on their programme. Learners are benchmarked against peers to create a culture of healthy competition. Assessors are also able to highlight particularly good (or bad) pieces of evidence and pertinent feedback which will be included in the learner's periodic report.

PEARL includes a user friendly dashboard for tutors and assessors to access their caseloads online. Featuring intuitive tools for the monitoring and marking of learner submissions. Tutors can mark assignments, view learner contact time, review and comment on videos uploaded by learners and provide timely feedback to learners.

PEARL includes a comprehensive digital portfolio enabling all learner submissions to be uploaded to and stored within the PEARL platform. This provides the added benefit of not requiring additional paperwork or systems to support robust assessment of learner submissions and progression.

Improved visibility of learner progression means that tutors can focus on supporting learning aims which will have the greatest benefit.

PEARL includes leading edge technology for the capturing and uploading of video evidence from learners. Once uploaded from a smart phone, webcam or tablet; learners can annotate their video submission with time sensitive comments and notes. Assessors can then hone in on learner notes and append comments and feedback to submitted videos.

The PEARL solution provides the added benefit of quality assurance teams and external verifiers being able to head straight to salient evidence and to quickly assess the quality of evidence submitted.

PEARL includes an easy to use course creator which allows even the most inexperienced of users to create rich online content for learners using nothing more than Word or PDF documents, pictures and videos.

As training providers create content for their learners they can add games such as Word Search or Hangman. These and other formative assessment strategies are a great way to build confidence and knowledge in learners to reinforce learning. Course designers can add "Challenge Points" that enable PEARL's proprietary Personalised Responsive Learning functionality to take place.

These additional learning aims can be linked in to the learner's Initial Assessment so that each learner's course of study is unique and tailored to their needs. Learners benefit from being challenged in their learning at an optimal level suitable to their ability or job role.

PEARL enables the generation of supporting evidence of a wider range of academic, induction, CPD or industry specific skills.

PEARL's user friendly course creation resources include:

  • Uploading of text files, pdfs and readymade learning content.
  • Inclusion of games, interactive quizzes and video content.
  • Robust mapping tool whereby uploaded content is mapped back to the qualification standard thereby ensuring that all assessment criteria are covered to ensure timely completion by learners.

PEARL's intuitive and user friendly interface means that quality assurance teams and external quality verifiers can seek out and review learner submissions and evidence with a minimum of fuss. No trawling through paper-based portfolios or cross-referencing required. Quality assurance staff can quickly identify evidence and review it online without wasting precious time looking for missing evidence. Where there are gaps in a learner's submission these are readily identified within the PEARL platform.